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It was clear from the very beginning, when the development of De Oost started, that a film about the Indonesian War of Independence would evoke many reactions in The Netherlands. Both good and bad. Either way, after 75 years, it was time to break the deafening silence. And even when it was decided to create a wider platform about the subject alongside the film, De Wereld van de Oost, with a lot more space for personal stories and historical background, it all still remains just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many personal stories and numerous ties that bind Indonesia and The Netherlands to this day, that it will take many more projects like De Oost to continue the conversation about this history.

To finish the campaign for the film, we decided to not just look at the many things that weren't spoken about, but also celebrate the convergence cultures that have resulted from the situation we find ourselves in today. In this collaboration between De Oost and Masa Cinta, a small capsule collection of batik-inspired products was created to respectfully celebrate Indonesian culture, making it available for kids that grow up in The Netherlands of today. Hopefully inspiring those who wear and/or encounter it to find out more about the long and heavy shared history between the two countries but also all about the hopeful and inspiring things that grow into the future out of the heritage of this history.

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