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Saturday July 20th, Masa Cinta batik was officially launched in Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam. The Deputy Ambassador of Indonesia Mr. Fikry Cassidy was present and blessed us with a speech. We think the important message of Masa Cinta came across loud & clear. Everyone who was present seemed to understand; Masa Cinta is more than a clothing brand. Not another artist trying to enter the fashion industry. 

Through the beautiful authentic Indonesian batik, Masa Cinta tries to create awareness of every persons roots.

Whether living in the Netherlands (Belanda) and being 3rd or 4th generation (Indonesian roots) or whichever heritage; it’s important to know your history, embrace the beautiful aspects of your ancesters and native country. At the same time we all live together on this one planet stepping into a new era and together we hold the future. Globally. Call us dreamers; at least every move is a move.


At the same time we think the beautiful motifs of the Indonesian batik can lighten up the streets globally. Humbly and with respect we try to carry the fabric in a modern way as a homage to the initial craft.

Enter Masa Cinta; the era of love.

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